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Thursday, November 03, 2005

London Philharmonic Orchestra's High-Tech Fashion

Have you ever been at a Classical Music concert and noticed how the members of the orchestra seem to get pretty overheated during the course of the night? I have often thought that I wouldn't want to be under those lights in a full tuxedo playing the intense music that they do.

It seems that the London Philharmonic Orchestra has found a solution. The Independent Online reports that they have partnered with Marks and Spencer in the testing of their new dinner jackets made from CoolMax material. CoolMax is a special lightweight fiber that wicks moisture away from the body.

First violinist of the LPO, Bob St. John Wright, swears by the new threads saying, "We do nearly 70 performances a year in the pit during Glyndebourne and it gets incredibly hot. Even with air-conditioning in the theatre, the audience were in shirt-sleeves this summer and we were in dinner suits, slaving away playing Verdi. But this suit feels half the weight of what we usually wear. It's a real bonus."

To make a great deal even better, the tux is even machine-washable! A very convenient feature indeed for performers who wear the outfit almost every night of the week. The CoolMax suit is an exclusive Marks and Spencer product and can now be found in 130 of their stores.

[From The Independent]

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Comments on "London Philharmonic Orchestra's High-Tech Fashion"


Anonymous Jennifer Grucza said ... (9:45 AM, November 04, 2005) : 

Women are lucky - we can wear whatever we want, so long as it's all black. :)


Blogger Chad Hille said ... (11:07 AM, November 04, 2005) : 

You're right Jennifer, but they don't get to wear the nifty CoolMax outfits!


Blogger Free at Last! said ... (8:03 PM, November 08, 2005) : 

found a vilion for my niece from a Google ad,never dreamed there would be ads for vilions!Thanks for having the right keywords,I quess is what I am saying.
I needed something to cheer me up,and finding that for her did ithe trick,so thought you deserved some of the credit


Blogger Chad Hille said ... (8:23 PM, November 08, 2005) : 

Wow, I'm really glad to hear that!!! You visited at the right time as my post about the Paganini violin has been having google put up lots of violin ads.

The click made me some money and you also found a violin. A win-win for everyone!!!

I hope you will be a regular reader and look forward to your comments in the future.


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